Thursday, August 28, 2008


Have you heard of P.U.M.A? They've been causing quite the stir amid the news. The Clinton branch of the Dem party have decided to stage a revolution. The name, "Party Unity My Ass" or "P.U.M.A." sums it up fairly well.

Many of the Clinton Democrats will have a reason to vote this fall given the addition of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the GOP ticket. At least, those Dems who were voting because they wanted a woman, and didn't particularly care about the policies. After all, in the issues that Obama has actually articulated a position on, he and Hillary are just about equal.

Of course, there's the "experience" aspect, and even staunch liberals have enough sense to realize that someone with Obama's sparse record is in no way qualified to have his hand hovering over the launch key.

Regardless, for me personally, I'm in seventh heaven. Not the tv show, thank God. I'm referring to a state of bliss that can only come by having one of your favorite politicians chosen as as your party's vice-presidential candidate. YAY!

Sarah Palin is a truly incredible woman and I'm honored to be able to cast a vote for McCain/Palin 2008!

Due to "real life", I'm unable to expound on this further, as I would love to do. Future posts will delve further into this candidate, who, for many, is a stranger.

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