Sunday, August 24, 2008

Defining Infanticide

As you may have heard, the National Right to Life Committee(NRLC) recently brought to light new evidence directly contradicting multiple statements made by Senator Obama.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, it is a law that would require medical treatment be given to any children who survive an abortion attempt.

Isn't that a no-brainer, you ask? Well, it should be. Unfortunately, when it comes to this law, there seem to be many people operating without a brain.
Barack Obama not only voted against this compassionate bill, but attempted to cover it up, even after being outed by the National Right to Life Committee

Actually, after NRLC revealed the truth (Rock on pro-lifers!) Obama went so far as to accuse them of lying , before his campaign backtracked saying that their candidate may have misspoken. Right.

NRLC quickly fired back asking the Senator to kindly tell them which vote of his had been forged. Looking over the considerable number of documents that NRLC used to back up their statement, it's clear that they let the papers speak for themselves.

For those of you who don't want to read through the rather lengthy report compiled by Douglas Johnson, Federal Legislation Director for NRLC, allow me to summarize.


Obama voted against the Illinois version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act(Passed Federally with no opposition). He has stated(many, many, many times-- also documented by NRLC in their papers) that the would have voted for the state bill had it contained the Federal language.

The Federal bill had a clause basically protecting Roe v. Wade (gag), which really was unnecessary considering that the bill clearly only applies to those who are alive AFTER abortion attempts.

Anyway, so Obama has been using this defense, hiding behind his undying support for Roe v. Wade (double gag) and trying to play off his incomprehensible vote as some sort of move for women's rights. (is a triple gag going over the top, here?)

So the good folks at National Right to Life decided to do some digging, and came across some interesting information that hadn't been previously revealed by the Obama camp.

There was more than one vote on the bill. And one of the bills INCLUDED THE FEDERAL LANGUAGE. That's right. The SAME language that our good friend Barack had claimed he WOULD have supported.

After this information was made public, Sen. Obama erroniously claimed that NRLCers were liars. I would say that it takes one to know one, but NRLC was very obviously NOT lying. They include the Senate documents, and their only commentary is to provide a written summary of what the packet contains.

We've got our very own Obama Two-Face.


As I said, his campaign quickly backtracked and contrived some reasons for Obama's [ridiculous] opposition to the bill blah blah blah. Frankly I'm tired of hearing him talk out of both sides of his mouth. Maybe that's how he has so many people under his spell. He's got them hypnotized by moving his mouth back and forth and back and forth over and over while speaking in soothing tones. Must be it.

It's a mad world.

Barack Obama is surely mad. Madder still are those who support him despite his inhumane votes.

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