Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden it is.

Not that anyone is that terribly surprised.

A correspondent from Politico was on C-Span today(Yes, I'm a nerd. shut up.) and he summed it up well by saying that he was surprised by the lack of surprise. The Obama camp derailed media slightly yesterday by sending out hints that it might be a dark horse candidate, but in the end, they went with the logical choice of Biden.

At this point in time, it's necessary to take a break from this post with a word from our sponsers. Since we don't have any sponsers, we'll have to make do with me on a soap box.

So this one woman calls in on C-Span, all angry that Obama didn't choose HRC. Clearly he doesn't respect women, because if he did, he would have put a woman on the ticket.

As a woman, let me speak to that clearly and plainly.

I do not want to be given opportunities because of my gender. That is sexist.
I do not want to have a female vice-president simply for the sake of having a female vice-president. That is sexist.
I do not need anyone, men or women alike, to reach out to me because I am a woman. That is sexist.

Is this what the women's rights movement gave to us? A chip on our shoulder and anger? We don't have the right to be angry that a woman wasn't chosen. We should be angry if the right person for the job is bypassed because of their gender, regardless of what that gender is.

The original feminists weren't in the movement to make women MORE than men. The goal was to make us equal. I'm not one to argue that men and women are the same. That's a dumb argument. I don't have a degree in psychology, but I have eyes. Use them enough and you begin to realize that men and women HAVE DIFFERENCES.

I am a Woman. I am strong, I am independent. I don't need men to affirm my place in life, nor do I need politicians to affirm my gender by choosing a female counterpart. Choose the RIGHT person. If that happens to be a woman, cool. But gender should be a secondary thought, not a guiding one.

~We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog~

So it's Biden. Ultimately a wise choice, in my opinion. Biden brings the experience and foreign policy know-how that to the table that Obama is sorely lacking, AND he's a good counter to McCain. Also discussed on C-Span this morning was the idea that Biden was brought on the ticket not because Delaware is such a hotly contested state, but because he will be more effective than Obama is speaking to McCain as a peer.

Of course, you run the risk of him shooting off his mouth as he has been prone to do. And, with over thirty years in the Senate and the public eye there will be plenty for enthusiastic press to dig up. heh. Shall be interesting.

McCain, in the meantime, is scheduled to announce on, I believe, the 29th. Good timing. Right before the RNC, and right after the DNC, so he's not competing for media attention.

Here's hoping he makes a good choice.

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