Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama's Preference

Wow. While John McCain is willing to stop campaigning to, you know, actually try and bring change to an economical system that desperately needs it, Barack Obama tries to compare being on the campaign trail to actually working.

Don't get me wrong, I've worked on campaigns. I know that it's hard work and a full time and a half job. However. He already HAS a job. He's a Senator. Obama delivered some bull about how as President, you have to be able to multi-task.

Yes, Obama. Good job. You DO have to be able to multi-task. You also have to be able to triage tasks.

I applaud John McCain for showing actual leadership and trying to unite the parties in a trying time for all American citizens.

Perhaps Obama should stick to dressing as a leader for halloween and not embarrassing himself by trying to impersonate one every day. No wonder he's too exhausted to do his actual job.

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